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Making  Connections  Through Art

Making Connections Through Art (6:56)

Paris-based fashion designer Sakina M’Sa describes how her Buddhist practice has motivated her to add an extra humanistic dimension to her business and take action to bring smiles to the faces of children in her community. Also see her interview “An Eye for Fashion” in the SGI Quarterly.

Creative Inspiration, Chef Choi Jong Yook

Creative Inspiration, Chef Choi Jong Yook (5:30)

Renowned chef Choi Jong Yook, a member of SGI-Korea, keeps his creativity fresh with energy gained through his Buddhist practice and activities.

Making a Difference: Harriet Jones

Making a Difference: Harriet Jones (5:12)

Harriet Jones is a sustainability consultant and graphic designer. Based on the values of the Earth Charter, Harriet works with colleagues and students to integrate education for sustainable development into tertiary education. Harriet's Buddhist practice has inspired her to work for a world in which people are in harmony with both each other and the environment.

Rebuilding Hope, Company President Heo Gap Dong

Rebuilding Hope, Company President Heo Gap Dong (6:32)

SGI-Korea member Heo Gap Dong talks about how he rebuilt his life and his business by wholeheartedly applying himself to his Buddhist practice.

Making a Difference: David Woodger

Making a Difference: David Woodger (5:59)

David Woodger is a lecturer and advises on issues related to race at Goldsmiths University of London. On behalf of SGI-UK he is coordinator of the Three Faiths Community Project which aims to strengthen mutual understanding between different faiths. Through his Buddhist practice he has transformed his anger toward the racism he experienced during his childhood into action to establish a more humane society based on genuine equality.

Interview with Khosi Kubeka

Interview with Khosi Kubeka (2:06)

Khosi Kubeka grew up during the apartheid era in Soweto, South Africa. Born into a severely oppressive environment, she fought against feelings of insecurity and powerlessness. Khosi's Buddhist practice led her to gain hope and to take control of her life. She then studied in the United States to become an educator, hoping to return to Soweto one day to help inspire people that they can create a better life.

Claire Bertschinger--healthcare and peace worker

Making a Difference: Claire Bertschinger (8:21)

In 1984, Claire Bertschinger was working as a nurse with the Red Cross in Ethiopia, where she helped save children affected by famine. An interview with her on the BBC inspired singer Bob Geldof to set up the Live Aid Concerts to raise funds for famine relief.
Through her Buddhist practice, she realized that each and every person can make a change in the world, even if they are not on the front lines.

Kelvin O'Mard--drugs project manager

Making a Difference: Kelvin O'Mard (5:42)

Kelvin O'Mard is the project manager for Bubic, an organization in London that provides support for drug users, ex-users and those affected by drug addiction. Kelvin practices Nichiren Buddhism to give him a renewed sense of purpose to create positive change in the lives of many. It has also helped him to transform his own experience of depression to a deep sense of compassion for others.

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