Buddhism Explained

Buddhism and Human Relationships

Buddhism and Human Relationships (3:43)

Melanie Gregg from New Zealand describes how practicing Buddhism has enabled her to develop confidence and compassion and improve the quality of her relationships with others.

Creating Your Own Destiny

Creating Your Own Destiny (2:27)

Alex Marcos from the U.S. explains that the inherent power of the individual lies at the heart of the Buddhist view that we create our own destiny.

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Buddhist Compassion

Buddhist Compassion (2:55)

Claire Albus from Belgium shares that practicing Nichiren Buddhism develops one's compassion--the ability to respond to the suffering of others by awakening their inherent capacity to overcome their problems.

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Treasures of the Heart

Treasures of the Heart (4:07)

Adam Starecki from Poland explains that the practice of Nichiren Buddhism enables us to develop "treasures of the heart"--hope, courage, compassion and inner joy.

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Courage in Buddhism

Courage in Buddhism (2:28)

Pablo Kapfer from Argentina explains that courage is a direct result of Buddhist practice enabling us to live every day with a forward-looking mindset and view struggles and hardships as opportunities.

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On Changing Poison into Medicine

On Changing Poison into Medicine (5:18)

Kang Dong Soo from Korea describes how Buddhist practice can enable one to transform difficult situations into the greatest opportunities for growth.

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On Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

On Nam-myoho-renge-kyo (4:59)

Leonardo Duricic from Germany explains that chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the key that unlocks the Buddha nature—a wellspring of wisdom and compassion that inherently exists in the very depths of the lives of all people.

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On the Enlightenment of Women

On the Enlightenment of Women (6:19)

Jeannine Angèle Sidonie Evehe from Cameroon explains that Nichiren Buddhism teaches absolute equality, that enlightenment is achievable by all people, women and men alike.

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Faith, Practice and Study

Faith, Practice and Study (4:50)

Lu Yi-Hsiao from Taiwan introduces the three pillars of Nichiren Buddhism: faith, practice and study--a dynamic combination that calls forth one's Buddhahood or enlightened nature.

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Mentor and Disciple Relationship

Mentor and Disciple Relationship (4:49)

John Callahan from Canada describes how he has benefited from deepening his understanding of the mentor and disciple relationship in Buddhism.

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Changing Karma

Changing Karma (4:32)

John Connolly from Ireland explains that karma, rather than being predetermined by the past, is something that we create in the present.

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On Treasuring Diversity

On Treasuring Diversity (4:45)

Anthony George from South Africa explains how valuing diversity is central to Buddhism and reflects on the cultural diversity of SGI in South Africa.

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On Life and Death

Life and Death (5:52)

Cecilie Engen Winton from Denmark explains how the Buddhist view of death as an integral part of life can enrich our lives.

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Winning in Buddhism

Winning in Buddhism (7:37)

Marjatta Valkama from Finland explains the crucial challenge in Buddhism of winning over oneself, and how this leads to greater appreciation of life.

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Building a Stronger Self

Building a Stronger Self (4:13)

Angela Garcia Perez from Mexico explains that Buddhist practice brings forth from within her stronger, more compassionate self, the "greater self," enabling her to see beyond herself to support others.

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On Human Revolution

On Human Revolution (5:01)

Tania Pereira from Portugal explains that "human revolution," central to Nichiren Buddhism, is an inner transformation that brings forth the positive human potential that exists in each of us.

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Buddhist Discussion Meetings

Buddhist Discussion Meetings (3:17)

Lisa Cowan from the UK explains the significance of the discussion meetings that are a cornerstone of SGI activities in every country, and their impact on her life.

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On Wisdom

On Wisdom (3:59)

Eduardo Lopez from Paraguay explains how his Buddhist practice has enabled him to learn the difference between knowledge and wisdom and base his life on wisdom.

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Oneness of Self and Environment

Oneness of Self and Environment (3:47)

Angela Ng from Malaysia explains how our inner state of life and the way we experience our environment are deeply interconnected.

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Buddhahood (3:48)

Gitanjali Singh from India describes the enlightened life state of Buddhahood and how her Buddhist practice has enabled her to develop compassion and wisdom.

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