SGI Quarterly: October 2016



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  • From Urban Poverty to Urban Promise
    Interview with Kennedy Odede
  • Putting a Human Face to Conflict
    Lisa Gossels
  • Beyond Ocean Garbage Patches
    Nate Maynard
  • Finishing What We Started
    Interview with Lassina Zerbo
  • The Limitations of Military Competition
    Daisaku Ikeda

People & Perspectives

  • Fighting for My Daughter
    Rachel Aspögård
  • Buddhism in Cuba
    Joannet Delgado

In Focus

  • SGI at the World Humanitarian Summit
    Nobuyuki Asai, Elisa Gazzotti and Alexandra Masako Goossens
  • The Human Revolution Orchestra
    Sean Corby

Buddhism in Daily Life

  • The Life of Nichiren

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