SGI Quarterly: January 2016



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  • Learning from Anger
    Khalida Brohi
  • Peace Education Initiatives in Kenya
    Mary Kangethe
  • A Gandhian View on Nuclear Weapons
    Ela Gandhi
  • Making the UN Fit for Purpose in the 21st Century
    Thomas G. Weiss
  • A Contextual Approach: Rethinking the Purpose of Economics
    Neva Goodwin
  • Global Citizenship
    Daisaku Ikeda

People & Perspectives

  • With Appreciation Comes Happiness
    Leonides Arpon, USA
  • Creating Ties of Friendship
    Liz Lorente, UK

In Focus

  • A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Mission Possible
    Anna Ikeda
  • One Europe: SGI’s European Youth Committee
    Lisa Cowan

Buddhism in Daily Life

  • The Middle Way

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