The Necessity of Imagination



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  • The Necessity of Imagination
  • The Capacity to Dream
    Interview with Vincent Harding
  • The Power of Imagination
    By JJ Gomez
  • A Secret World of Hope
    From an interview with Sara Moses
  • Living Beyond Limits
    By Amy Purdy
  • Unshackling the Spirit
    Interview with Zakes Mda
  • The World In 2114
  • Politics, Spectacle and the Imagination
    By Chiara Bottici
  • Imagining the World
    By Andrew Gebert
  • The Daily Work of Peace
    Dialogue between Kevin Clements and Daisaku Ikeda
  • An Imaginative Approach to Education
    By Gillian Judson and Kieran Egan


  • Sharing Worlds
    By Kathryn Ricketts, USA
  • Change That Begins Within
    By Pauline Mayers, UK


  • The Flowering of the Greater Self
    By Daisaku Ikeda

Around the World

  • SGI activity news from around the world

On Vocation

  • Setting the Stage

Buddhism in Daily Life

  • The Parable of the Three Kinds of Medicinal Herbs

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