Buddhism in Action: A Snapshot of the SGI



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  • Buddhism in Action: A Snapshot of the SGI
  • The SGI
    An Overview
  • A Spirit of Challenge
    By Carlos Rubio
  • From the Muddy Pond
    By Clark Strand
  • Starting the Fight for Peace in My Workplace
    David Newbury, UK
  • Theater of Hope
    Joana Craveiro, Portugal
  • The Transmission of an Ideal
    By Hiroshi Ichikawa
  • Compassion and a Culture of Peace
    By Daisaku Ikeda
  • Rewriting My Destiny Through Prayer
    By Leslie Mancillas, USA
  • Discovering My Abilitie Blandina Happiness
    By Blandina Happiness Sembu, Tanzania
  • The Courage to Strive
    By João Maria Claro Rodrigues, Brazil
  • Community engagement in the USA, Brazil, the UK, Malaysia, Japan and Italy
  • Finding Focus
    By Nitin Upadhye, India
  • The Treasure of Hope
    By Teh Kok Kui, Indonesia

Buddhism in Daily Life

  • The SGI and the Lotus Sutra

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