Health and Human Happiness



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  • Health and Human Happiness
  • A Healthy Life
    By Guy Bourgeault
  • Treatment from the Heart
    By Felix Unger
  • A Kinship of Bones: AIDS, Intimacy and Care in Rural KwaZulu-Natal
    By Patricia C. Henderson
  • Communication, Health and Hearing Loss
    Interview with Sharon Hutton
  • Beyond Economics: A New Measure of Well-being
    Interview with Hazel Henderson
  • Voices of Health
    Reflections from around the world
  • Treasuring the Dignity of Life
    Interview with Chung Cheng Lee
  • The Physician’s Healing Touch
    By Abraham Verghese
  • The Science of Sleep
    From an interview with H. N. Mallick
  • Buddhism and a Healthy Life
    By Daisaku Ikeda
  • Looking at Life
    By Hitomi Saruwatari
  • Music Therapy and Health
    From an interview with Cybelle Loureiro


  • Illness and the Middle Way
    By Meri Everitt, UK
  • Changing Poison into Medicine
    By Carmen Díaz Prensa, Dominican Republic


  • SGI President Ikeda’s 2013 Peace Proposal Released

Around the World

  • SGI activity news from around the world

On Vocation

  • Passion Aligned with Care

Buddhism in Daily Life

  • The Simultaneity of Cause and Effect

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