The Arctic and Its Future



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  • The Arctic and Its Future
  • Managing the Arctic
    Interview with David Leary
  • Living on Thin Ice
    By Juliette Jowit
  • A Changing Climate
    By Susan Joy Hassol and Robert W. Corell
  • The Arctic: Indicator of Global Change
    By Patricia Cochran
  • Toward a Nuclear-Free Arctic
    By Adele Buckley
  • Facing a New Future
    Interview with Paarma Egede Lund
  • Reality Check
  • Bringing Connectivity to the Top of the World
    By Carolyn Sloan
  • “The Prize of the Centuries”: the centennial of the discovery of the North Pole

Portraits of Global Citizens

  • John Kenneth Galbraith—Economics, a Weapon for People’s Happiness


  • A Dream Job in the North
    By Sudhansu Majumdar

Around the World

  • SGI activity news from around the world

Beyond Borders

  • Russia—Cultivating the Common Ground of Peace

On Vocation

  • Seafarers—Out in the World

Peace Proposal

  • A New Form of Global Competition

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