Parents and Children



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  • Parents and Children
  • Parenting Across Cultures
    By Sara Harkness and Charles M. Super
  • Advice to Parents
    By Christina Hardyment
  • Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves
    Interview with Naomi Aldort
  • Becoming a Parent
  • Happy Places
    By John Guzlowski
  • A Woman of Few Words
    By Daisaku Ikeda
  • The Angle of the Gaze
    By Gabeba Baderoon
  • Stay-at-home Fatherhood
    By David Neiwert
  • Young People’s Perspectives on Parents


  • Repaying My Debt of Gratitude
    By Hisako Nojo


  • Planting the Seeds of Hope
    By Daisaku Ikeda

Around the World

  • SGI activity news from around the world

Beyond Borders

  • Brazil—The Blossoming of Culture

The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra

  • Nurturing Others: The Art of Human Education

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