The Search for Meaning: Creative Responses to Depression



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  • The Search for Meaning: Creative Responses to Depression
  • Understanding Depression
    Interview with Gordon Parker
  • Philosophy and Depression
    By Tim Ruggiero
  • Seeking Happiness, Finding Depression
    By John F. Schumaker
  • Being Creative About Your Blues
    By Greg Johns
  • Coming Through the Darkness: An Experience of Friendship
  • Choosing a Life Apart
    By Michael Zielenziger
  • The Power of Polyphony
    By Ali Bailey
  • Creative Transformations
    Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston


  • Fighting My Delusions
    By Paola Ciuffoletti Furunovic, Serbia
    • Happiness for Myself and Others
      By Janaína Cristina Bandettini, Brazil

    Portraits of Global Citizens

    • Creating Supportive Societies—Dr. Salvador Santiago-Negrón

    Around the World

    • SGI activity news from around the world

    Beyond Borders

    • Bridging a Gulf of History

    On Vocation

    • Freedom on the Inside

    The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra

    • Transforming an Age Bereft of Philosophy

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