Diverse Ability



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  • Our Diverse Capacities: A Buddhist Perspective
  • The Tyranny of “Normalcy”
    By Lennard J. Davis
  • Disability and the Developing World
    By Khalfan H. Khalfan
  • Women’s Issues
    By Dinah Radtke
  • Exploring the Neurodiversity Spectrum
    An interview with Valerie Paradiž and Elijah Wapner
  • The New Genetics
    By Bill Albert
  • Dispensing Disability Awareness
    By Jeremy Opperman
  • Changing Attitudes in China
    By Li Li
  • Designed for Life
    By Patricia Moore

Portraits of Global Citizens

  • Fang Zhaoling—Paintings of the Heart


  • A Bridge from a Soundless World
    By Shin'ichi Yoshida, Japan

Around the World

  • SGI activity news from around the world

Arts and Education

  • Soka Bodhi Tree Garden
    By Hardyal Sharma

Buddhism in Daily Life

  • Human Revolution

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