“Seeds of Hope” Exhibition Activity Pack



An activity pack full of games and exercises accompanies the exhibition about sustainability, “Seeds of Hope.”

The pack contains a range of fun activities for different age groups, from kids to teens+ (including adults), a game which encourages “Random Acts of Kindness,” a quiz about endangered animal species, and an animal “safari” featuring the endangered and unusual animals shown on the exhibition panels—from the white peacock to the rosy-lipped batfish—as well as a sustainability checklist.

The activities are designed to be used in a variety of situations, from classrooms to informal groups, and for teachers or people who are facilitating such games and exercises for the first time. Some relate specifically to the exhibition panels, and others to the ideas behind the exhibition, such as developing compassion and respect. Others focus on what viewers found inspiring in the exhibition, and ways of starting to take action in their local communities.

Several of the resources use the Earth Charter as a framework for understanding the different elements of sustainability—respect for life, protecting the environment, social and economic justice, democracy, nonviolence and peace. There are also ideas for further activities which involve going out to observe nature, such as “Spider Bingo.”

The award-winning documentary on people taking action in their local communities, “A Quiet Revolution,” is also featured as a useful resource.

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