SGI-USA Joins Other Faiths for MLK Day Celebrations



MLK Day MLK Day inspires multifaith unity at the National City Christian Church [© Jack Gordon]

Celebrating the legacy of courage of Martin Luther King Jr., and his message of reconciliation, unity and equality, SGI-USA members in Washington DC came together with other faith communities to mark January 19, 2015, Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day.

On January 11, SGI-USA was one of eleven different faith communities that participated in “Remember! Celebrate! Act!,” an MLK Day multifaith service held at the National City Christian Church. At the service, organized by the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, prayers were offered and representatives from different faith communities spoke. Jo Reed of SGI-USA spoke of the need for engagement in nonviolence as the basis for addressing the challenges facing the world today. There was also a reading of Dr. King’s landmark “I Have a Dream” speech and musical performances.

The SGI-USA New Century Chorus performs at Maryland University [© Jimi Lyons]

In another MLK Day interfaith initiative held on January 19, SGI-USA partnered with Washington National Cathedral for the fifth consecutive year to organize a clothing drive for homeless and low-income families. This year there was a special request for business clothes that could be worn to job interviews. Donations of clothing were collected by volunteers at the SGI-USA Washington DC Buddhist Culture Center and were then passed on to agencies working with the homeless including Friendship Place and Family Place.

On January 17, at MLK Day celebrations, themed “Our Diversity as a People is Our Strength as a Nation,” held at the University of Maryland in the city of College Park, the SGI-USA New Century Chorus also performed.

In Santa Monica, the SGI-USA World Peace Auditorium and SGI-USA Youth Center hosted MLK Day events organized by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Westside Coalition on January 17 and 19.

Adapted from reports from SGI-USA.

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