Bringing Buddhist Concepts to Life in Mexico and Panama



Presenting Buddhist perspectives on love and friendship

On February 13, SGI-Mexico youth and men’s divisions members in Mexico City co-organized a seminar on the theme of “Love and Friendship” at the SGI-Mexico culture center. At the seminar, Buddhist perspectives on this theme were presented. The presenters stressed that both love and friendship are based on profound connections between people and drew on the book The Way of Youth by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. The book has chapters devoted to both topics and covers true love, handling heartbreak, good friends versus bad and peer pressure.

This seminar was the second in a series that is open to the public and strives to bring Buddhist concepts and perspectives to life by showing their relevance in the modern world. At the first seminar, titled “What is karma?” held on January 9, speakers shared how this “eastern” topic provides answers to their “western reality.”

Meeting in San Miguelito District in Panama Province, Panama

SGI-Panama has been holding similar meetings introducing a range of topics from Buddhist concepts such as the Ten Worlds, Buddhahood and the meaning of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to the key to happiness and creating your own destiny. Attended by SGI-Panama members, their friends and members of the public, these weekly meetings began some six years ago at the SGI-Panama Culture Center in Panama City and since 2012 they are being held in cities across the country.

Adapted from reports from SGI-Mexico and SGI-Panama; photos courtesy of SGI-Mexico and SGI-Panama.

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