SGI-Nepal Joins Bagmati River Cleaning Program and Opens “Lotusbari” Garden



gardenThe garden in its formative stages; SGI members at work

As part of the Bagmati Cleaning Program to improve the environment of the Bagmati River that runs through the city of Kathmandu, SGI-Nepal members have initiated the “Lotusbari” project to create a small garden on the banks of the river.

SGI-Nepal members meet every Saturday morning to participate in the program and work alongside other participants toward a cleaner Bagmati River.

On December 20, 2013, the Lotusbari garden was opened by Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal Leela Mani Poudyal, becoming the first of several Bagmati Cleaning Program projects to be completed. At the ceremony, song dance and poetry performances were given by SGI-Nepal members.

Kathmandu residentsKathmandu residents enjoy the finished Lotusbari garden

The Bagmati Cleaning Program began in July 2013 and involves various local government and community organizations.

The Bagmati River is considered to be a sacred river and its waters a source of spiritual purification.

[Adapted from an article on the SGI-Nepal website; photos courtesy of SGI-Nepal]

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