Seminars on Daisaku Ikeda’s 2014 Peace Proposal Held in Panama and Brazil



Secretary-general of the University of Panama, Dr. Miguel Ángel Candanedo, giving his speech

On September 10, SGI-Panama organized a seminar on SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s 2014 peace proposal, “Value Creation for Global Change: Building Resilient and Sustainable Societies,” at the University of Panama in Panama City. The event, titled “The Challenge of Creating Value,” commemorated the 40th anniversary of Mr. Ikeda’s first visit to the university in 1974. It was attended by some 175 people including Dr. Miguel Ángel Candanedo, the university’s secretary-general.

In his speech, Dr. Candanedo highlighted two key requirements for creating peaceful and resilient societies—the establishment of a philosophical framework which recognizes the great potential for good existent in every human being and people feeling that they are part of a shared endeavor involving the collective efforts of all.

BSGI lawyers’ division members at their peace proposal forum

Three students from the University of Panama, including SGI-Panama member Tatiana Concepción, spoke on the three aspects of value creation outlined in Mr. Ikeda’s proposal: value creation that always takes hope as its starting point; value creation of people working together to resolve issues; and value creation that calls forth the best in each of us.

There was also a showing of a film about Mr. Ikeda’s activities for peace, education and culture, which included footage of University of Panama Rector Dr. Gustavo García de Paredes and his meetings with the SGI President in Japan. Gabriel Martínez Garcés, general director of SGI-Panama, gave closing remarks.

On August 30, some 40 members of Brazil SGI lawyers’ division—SGI members working in the field of law—came together to study and discuss Mr. Ikeda’s 2014 peace proposal. The annual meeting provided a forum for participants to discuss both philosophical values and concrete actions outlined in the proposal and exchange perspectives on how they could apply these to their work and in Brazilian society at large.

Adapted from reports from SGI-Panama and an article on the Brazil SGI (BSGI) website; photos courtesy of SGI-Panama and BSGI.

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