SGI-Germany Explores the Buddhist View of Life and Death



The memorial ceremony in Berlin

On November 23, the annual day for commemoration of the dead in the Protestant tradition in Germany, a special memorial ceremony for the deceased was hosted by SGI-Germany (SGI-D) members in Berlin. Held at a vocational college in the Kreuzberg area, the ceremony was attended by 250 people and marked the fifth time SGI-D has held such an event.

The memorial started with recitation of parts of the Lotus Sutra, during which participants could offer incense in memory of deceased family members and friends in the Japanese traditional way. Then came musical performances, and presentations by Birte Jeschar, Eva Schönherr and Yoshiharu Matsuno introducing the Buddhist view of the eternity of life. Mr. Matsuno stressed that Buddhism sees all life as being interconnected, and that it is not the length of one’s life that is most important, but how one has lived it.

Explaining the Buddhist perspective on life and death in Frankfurt

SGI-D also held a lecture on the Buddhist view of life and death at the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt on November 8. SGI-D member Erwin Kassai explained the Buddhist perspective to the audience of 70.

For more on the Buddhist perspective of life and death, refer to this essay by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda.

Compiled from reports from SGI-Germany (SGI-D); photos courtesy of Christian Schäfer.

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