How does the SGI contribute to society?

In the broadest sense, the SGI actively promotes peace, culture and education based on a belief in positive human potential and respect for the dignity of life. There are three main levels on which the SGI contributes to society. Most significant are the efforts of millions of individual SGI members in their own families, societies and workplaces, where they aim to promote high ideals, help resolve conflict and support the development of capable people. In addition, local SGI groups in individual countries undertake initiatives such as environmental clean-ups, displays and discussions about nonviolence or a culture of peace and cultural exchanges. At the international level, the SGI is a firm supporter of the United Nations, with the SGI Office for UN Affairs operating in New York and Geneva. It is active in public education with a focus on peace and disarmament, human rights and sustainable development, as well as providing humanitarian assistance in response to natural disasters and participating in interfaith activities. The SGI is also engaged in various NGO networks and partnerships at the local, national and international level.

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