Daisaku Ikeda


In March, 2014, Scoop, New Zealand's top independent internet news site, interviewed Daisaku Ikeda, covering topics including human dignity, passive violence, religious cooperation and the internet and change.

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In 2008, Tricycle, a leading US-based magazine on Buddhism in the West, interviewed Daisaku Ikeda on Nichiren, the Lotus Sutra and what it means to say that "earthly desires lead to enlightenment."

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In 2004, an interview with Daisaku Ikeda was published in Emzin magazine from Slovenia about dialogue, trends in communication in today's world, the need for intercultural exchange and the role of religion.

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Interviews (Bulgaria)


In 2000, Daisaku Ikeda was interviewed by Bulgarian National Television about his dialogue with Bulgarian historian Dr. Axinia Djourova. Excerpts covering their dialogue, humanism, education, youth, the mentor-disciple relationship and the role of Buddhism in the world are published here.

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