Japan Earthquake: Response and Reconstruction

In the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunamis that hit northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011, the Soka Gakkai and SGI organizations around the world provided relief assistance and support to survivors.

One year on, Soka Gakkai celebrates the courage of those rebuilding their lives and helping others to do the same.


Apr 8, 2012   Youth Festival and General Meeting Held in Fukushima Prefecture
Mar 24, 2012   Tree Plantings Held in India in Memory of March 11 Victims
Mar 19, 2012   Soka Gakkai Members in Tohoku Reach Out to Others
Mar 16, 2012   "Learning to Listen from the Heart" by Izumi Nakano, Japan
Mar 14, 2012   Women and Reconstruction Conference Held in Tokyo
Mar 11, 2012   March 11 Earthquake Memorial Prayers Held throughout Japan
Mar 4, 2012   Soka Gakkai Youth Lectures Focus on Response to March 11 Disaster
Mar 3, 2012   March Headquarters Meeting Focuses on Recovery from March 11 Disaster
Mar 3, 2012   "I Will Rise Again" by Shin'ichi Tanno, Japan
Mar 2, 2012   Tohoku Soka Gakkai Members Rebuilding Lives


Sep 15, 2011   Survey of Japanese Students Shows Changes in Attitudes, Outlook Since March Disaster
Sep 1, 2011   Summary Report of Soka Gakkai's Relief Activities following the March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake
Jul 31, 2011   Tohoku Soka Gakkai Youth Members Hold “Rock the Heart” Music Festival
Jun 28, 2011   SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's Editorial on Earthquake Response Carried in Japan Times
Jun 26, 2011   Soka Gakkai Members Plant Seeds of Hope in Earthquake Aftermath
Jun 26, 2011   Fukushima Members Attend Prayer Meetings, "Phoenix Rallies"
May 5, 2011   SGI Organizations Continue to Give Earthquake Relief Donations
Apr 29, 2011   Soka Gakkai Holds Memorial Services for March 11 Victims
Apr 24, 2011   Individual Soka Gakkai Members Continue Relief Efforts
Apr 17, 2011   Step-By-Step Efforts Toward Recovery Continues
Apr 4, 2011   Soka Gakkai Thailand Supports Charity Concert for Japan Earthquake
Apr 3, 2011   Soka Gakkai Tohoku Brass Band Performs at Shelter
Apr 2, 2011   Fukushima Members Hold Onto Hope Despite Evacuation
Apr 1, 2011   Soka Gakkai and SGI Organizations Continue Earthquake Relief Donations
Mar 31, 2011   SGI President Publishes New Series of Gosho Commentaries
Mar 29, 2011   Local Soka Gakkai Members Engage in Relief Activities
Mar 28, 2011   Soka Gakkai Earthquake Relief Efforts to Date
Mar 27, 2011   New Zealand Members Pray for Christchurch and Tohoku Quake Victims
Mar 25, 2011   SGI Organizations Give Donations for Japan Earthquake Relief
Mar 21, 2011   Soka Gakkai Conducts Spring Equinox Memorial Prayers
Mar 17, 2011   Soka Gakkai President Visits Evacuees in Sendai, Relief Efforts Continue
Mar 16, 2011   Relief Efforts Continue in Japan, SGI Members Hold Prayer Meetings, SGI President's March 16 Message
Mar 16, 2011   Contact Reestablished with Soka Gakkai Centers in Coastal Areas; Assistance Provided
Mar 15, 2011   Soka Gakkai Continues Relief Efforts in Tohoku and Shin'etsu Regions
Mar 14, 2011   Soka Gakkai Relief Activities Continue in Northeastern Japan
Mar 13, 2011   Soka Gakkai Relief Activities, SGI President's Message
Mar 12, 2011   Japan Earthquake Initial Response

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