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SGI-South Africa Members Join 10/10/10 Global Climate Change Work Party

101010x_africa_tree-planting.jpgIn Muizenberg, Cape Town

On October 10, SGI-South Africa members in Cape Town joined the global 10/10/10 Global Climate Change Work Party campaign, coordinated by, by planting trees in a local nature reserve in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Participants in 188 countries, at over 7,300 events, mobilized for the Global Work Party, taking part in various activities to promote environmental sustainability in their local communities to send a collective message to world leaders regarding the need for global action to address climate change.

The degradation of climates that can support human life is a particularly urgent challenge in South and Southern Africa, where average temperatures have warmed one degree in the last 30 years and where climate change is already threatening fragile developmental gains for the poor and vulnerable. In the next 20 years, yields on cereal crops in the Western Cape region are expected to decline by up to 25 percent, and fruit cultivation and exports are threatened by warmer winters.

In reference to dangers of climate change, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda has written: "Nature is not something for human beings to exploit as they see fit, solely for their own interests. Both nature and humanity are part--and at the same time complete expressions--of the life of the universe. To destroy the natural world is to destroy human life."

[Adapted from a report from SGI-South Africa; photo courtesy of Odette Herbert]