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SGI Representatives Visit the Amazon Ecological Conservation Center in Manaus, Brazil

100625brazil-seminar.jpgBSGI members

A ceremony was held on the grounds of the SGI-Brazil (BSGI) Amazon Ecological Conservation Center (AECC) in Manaus, Brazil, on November 27, to commemorate BSGI's movement for peace over the past 50 years. The event included seed plantings of Brazil's national flower, the Ipê-amarelo. Guests included Brazilian poet Amedeu Thiago de Mello, SGI Vice President Hiromasa Ikeda and BSGI representatives.

AECC was founded in 1992 to reflect SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's vision of environmental sustainability. In 1993, AECC began a project to restore degraded forests together with the State of Amazonas Secretariat of Environment, Science and Technology (SEMACT) and, to date, has planted over 20,000 tropical trees, consisting of 60 different species. In addition to reforestation, AECC activities include environmental education, contributions to the protection of endangered animal species, and establishing a seed bank to collect and preserve the seeds of Amazonian trees.

101128brzail-fes.jpgBSGI members

AECC is certified by Brazil's Ministry of Environment and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources as a Private Natural Heritage Reserve.

On November 28, Brazil's Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the Amazon awarded its first Professor Emeritus title to Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda for their great contributions to peace, culture and education. The ceremony took place at the Institute's main campus in Manaus.

Mr. Ikeda's message thanking the Institute for the award was read by an SGI representative on his behalf. In it, Mr. Ikeda stated his belief that the Amazon is a great worldwide treasure and, together with Mrs. Ikeda, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Institute to protect the Amazon.

On the same day, a festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of SGI-Brazil was held in Manaus at the Studio 5 Convention Center. Some 2,700 attended from throughout the country.

101128brzail-fes-dance.jpgA young woman from SGI-Brazil performs a traditional folk dance from the Amazon community at the convention center in Manaus (November 28, 2010)

[Adapted from articles in the November 30, December 1, 4 and 11, 2010, issues of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan; photo courtesy of Seikyo Shimbun]