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Back to listOct 2, 2009

Soka Gakkai Malaysia Hosts "Seeds of Change" Exhibition

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During the months of September and October 2009, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) Perak showed the "Seeds of Change: Earth Charter and the Human Potential" exhibition in several locations throughout Malaysia. The showings coincided with the United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21, 2009) and served to promote greater awareness about the need for sustainable living and the protection of the natural environment.

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Exhibition venues included four primary schools where students and teachers toured the exhibit together.

SGI and the Earth Charter Initiative co-created the "Seeds of Change: Earth Charter and the Human Potential" exhibition. Various panels in the exhibit introduce the Earth Charter, a set of values and principles for sustainable living, as well as highlighting the role of education in furthering those values and principles.

[Adapted from a report from Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM); photos courtesy of SGM]