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"Seeds of Change" Shown in Delhi, India

090201soc_exh_delhi2.jpg "Seeds of Change" exhibition in Delhi

The SGI's "Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter and Human Potential" exhibition was held from January 30 to February 1, 2009, at the ASN Senior Secondary School in East Delhi, India. As well as displaying the exhibition's Hindi and English versions, the school opened its auditorium for back-to-back screenings of the film "A Quiet Revolution" and activity rooms for art competitions.

Star News and MTV were among the showing's five sponsors. The local Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG) group received in-kind support of publicity and spotlights to highlight exhibit panels. Email invites and text messages were also used to create a buzz about the event.

090201soc_exh_delhi.jpg Guests viewing the exhibition

Guests at the opening included Rina Ray, secretary of Education, Languages, Art and Culture for the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, and renowned water conservationist Rajendra Singh, who is introduced in one of the exhibition's panels. Ms. Ray commented, "It is time to do whatever we can to make a difference. We can either choose to do nothing or choose to go forward." Mr. Singh spoke about working in rural Rajasthan and his encounter with village elder Mago Kaka who set him on the path to water conservation. On January 31, Mr. Singh met with local youth for a question and answer session.

Over 5,000 visited the three-day event. Six local schools and one college sent students to the event though many were busy with Annual Day celebrations, exams or local festivals. The host school held several other events during the showing of the "Seeds of Change" exhibition, including a parent-teacher meeting where parents were encouraged to visit the display, as were families attending a math olympiad and a polio immunization campaign on National Immunization Day, January 31.

[Adapted from a report from Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG); photos courtesy of BSG]