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SGI-Hong Kong Cohosts Exhibition and Lecture on Global Warming

081117x_hk_env_exh.jpg Ribbon-cutting for exhibit on global warming

To raise awareness on the seriousness of global warming and climate change, SGI-Hong Kong and China Polar Museum Foundation Limited (CPMF) coorganized a photo exhibition titled “A Call from Global Warming” at SGI-Hong Kong’s East Culture Center from October 17 to November 19, 2008. CPMF Managing Director and Founder Dr. Rebecca Lee Lok-sze and Yung Ma Shan-yee, a board member of Madam Chan Wai Chow Memorial School, attended the opening.

Dr. Lee is renowned in Hong Kong as an explorer and environmentalist who has traveled to three extremes on the planet--the North and South Poles and Mount Everest. Mentioning that this is International Polar Year (IPY), Dr. Lee said she recently returned from a research trip in the Arctic Ocean, where she found the polar ice cap has drastically shrunk because the icebreaker reached as far as 85°N, farther than it has before. The photos exhibited were part of the research records that Dr. Lee gathered from both poles as well as from Mt. Everest. She expressed her hope that through the exhibition, people, especially youth, would become more aware of environmental problems.

081117x_hk_env_exh2.jpg Dr. Lee explaining exhibit photographs

Ms. Yung Ma stated that SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s recommendations regarding global warming in his 2008 peace proposal “Humanizing Religion, Creating Peace,” are praiseworthy and encouraging. She called on everyone present to take responsibility and work hand-in-hand to protect the environment and create a harmonious society in Hong Kong.

On October 18, in conjunction with the exhibition, SGI-Hong Kong hosted a lecture on global warming by Dr. Lee at SGI-Hong Kong’s East Culture Center. Teachers and students from five schools in Hong Kong attended. Dr. Lee shared her experiences over the past 22 years of traveling around the world and conducting research on the natural environment.

SGI-Hong Kong’s East Culture Center was the first venue for the exhibition, which will be also shown at two other SGI-Hong Kong centers through February 2009.

[Adapted from an article in the November 17, 2008 issue of the Li Ming Sheng Bao, SGI-Hong Kong; photos courtesy of SGI-Hong Kong]