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Back to listOct 14, 2007

SGI Members Participate in London Park Beautification

Celebrating the completion of the loggery

On October 14, 2007, 30 SGI-UK members of Lewisham West Chapter and their friends and families spent a day cleaning up Ladywell Fields, a local park in London undergoing major improvements. The volunteers first met at the park's educational center where the park warden spoke about the local ecology, in particular about the endangered stag beetles. They then split into groups and set to work. One group cleared garbage from the river which runs through the park and the other spent the day creating a loggery for stag beetles which involved chopping and then moving logs to a secluded spot designated for the beetles' home and finally digging holes for the loggery foundations. A plaque will be placed on the loggery in recognition of the SGI group's efforts.

The members will continue their involvement in improvements to the park. They plan to participate in landscape management, including site preparation for a pond in April 2008 and a tree planting activity later in 2008. Local schools will use the pond for educational sessions known as "pond dipping"--learning about the ecosystem within the pond. The SGI members will also continue to clear litter from the river and the park.

[Adapted from an article in the January, 2008 issue of the Art of Living, SGI-UK; photo courtesy of Jordon Ogbeide-Ihama]