Sustainable Development

Back to listOct 25, 2006

"Seeds of Change" Exhibition in Lugano, Switzerland

Banner advertising "Culture Fair" hangs from historic building in Lugano, Switzerland

From October 12 through 15, "Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter and Human Potential," a touring exhibition created by SGI, showed in Lugano, a picturesque city in southern Switzerland. More than 700 residents viewed the exhibition.

Lugano has named October as the "Month of Culture" and more than 130 groups and organizations are participating in various events. The four days between October 12 and 15 were designated "Culture Fair" days, featuring lectures, exhibitions and various special events. The SGI's "Seeds of Changes" exhibition was an officially approved event at the main venue held at one of the city's cultural facilities.

In addition to exhibition panels, the documentary film "A Quiet Revolution," which highlights sustainable development initiatives and demonstrates that solutions to environmental issues lie in heightening individual awareness, was also screened. The exhibit attracted students as well as local city officials and educators.

Visitors reflect on spirit of the Earth Charter pointing toward sustainable living

A member of the board of education commented: "A new world can be opened only by changing ourselves. This exhibit is an important message to the future."

One school official expressed the hope that the exhibition could be held at his school, while a woman in her twenties stated: "Small efforts by each individual pile up to form a great river.... The exhibit opened my eyes to the world we tend to forget behind the affluence of our society."