Sustainable Development

Back to listSep 6, 2006

World-Renowned Alpinist Ken Noguchi Speaks on Environmental Preservation

Alpinist Ken Noguchi addresses Seikyo Press staff

On September 5, the Seikyo Press sponsored a lecture by world-renowned alpinist Ken Noguchi, who spoke on "Transforming Japan Beginning with Mt. Fuji." Mr. Noguchi asserted that the environment asks of humans what kind of society they wish to build. He introduced the specialized environmental expeditions he sponsors, such as waste pick up while mountain-trekking and stated citizen activism is what will transform society.

In 2004, the Seikyo Press became the first nationwide newspaper company in Japan to obtain an ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management. The company has continued to promote ecological and environmental awareness among its employees. The Seikyo Press also uses recycled paper and "eco-ink" for its publications and newspapers; reduces paper refuse and energy consumption at its offices; and recycles waste products.