Sustainable Development

Back to listMay 28, 2006

Lima, Peru Hosts "Seeds of Change" Exhibition

A young guide walks children through the exhibit

From April 22 through April 27, "Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter and Human Potential," an exhibit highlighting the Earth Charter as a "map" pointing toward sustainable living and environmental preservation, showed in Miraflores District, Lima Province, Peru. The exhibit commemorated April 22, Earth Day, and was held at the request of Miraflores District with hopes the exhibition would heighten awareness among children about the urgency of preserving the environment. The venue was a park filled with vibrant flowers and verdure. The show attracted many local residents, mostly students. One teacher felt the exhibit conveyed the importance of humans coexisting in harmony with the natural environment, and the urgency of each person becoming aware of environmental issues. Miraflores District Mayor Fernando Andrade Carmona expressed appreciation to the SGI for contributing to the local residents' environmental education. On April 21, the SGI-Peru youth sponsored four environmental seminars throughout the day.