Sustainable Development

Back to listApr 11, 2006

SGI-Paraguay Hosts "Seeds of Change" Environmental Exhibition

On March 25, "Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter and Human Potential," an exhibit highlighting the Earth Charter as a "map" pointing toward sustainable living and environmental preservation, opened for the first time in Paraguay at the Asuncion Agency of Tourism building. Guests from various sectors of society attended, including Secretary of Tourism Juan Manuel Prieto and Ramón Alcaraz Caballero, director of the Paraguay National Police Department's Environmental Protection Agency, together with local residents. Rector Roberto Elias Canese of Universidad Columbia del Paraguay gave opening words. The exhibition, a collaborative effort of the SGI and the Earth Charter Committee, depicts the need for sustainable development and introduces the Earth Charter's positive vision, along with individuals' efforts to solve local environmental problems such as deforestation and water shortage. On March 26, SGI-Paraguay hosted an Earth Charter seminar and invited many environmental groups to participate.

SGI-Paraguay General Director Kaoru Kurita (2nd from right), seated with Rector Elias (right), Mr. Prieto (left) and Mr. Alcaraz (2nd from left), addresses audience
Students from nearby junior and senior high schools visit the exhibit