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SGI-Canada Vancouver Youth Earth Charter Committee Wins Mayor's 2005 Environmental Achievement Award

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell (2nd from left) with SGI-Canada Vancouver Youth Earth Charter Committee members Richard Chu (3rd from left), Kumi Hardin (foreground, 4th from left) and Yongjie Yon (left)

The SGI-Canada Vancouver Youth Earth Charter Committee was among the winners of the 2005 Mayor's Environmental Achievement Award. The seventh annual awards ceremony took place at the Vancouver Public Library on June 8, commemorating Clean Air Day and Environment Week, during Sustainability Fair 2005, presented by the City of Vancouver and the Canadian Government. The awards recognize individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations for environmental initiatives that protect, preserve and enhance Vancouver's environment. Mayor Larry Campbell presented a certificate to an SGI-Canada Vancouver youth representative. SGI-Canada Vancouver youth have actively promoted the Earth Charter, a "people's treaty" that sets forth fundamental principles for sustainable development and conservation of the natural environment. They created the SGI-Canada Vancouver Youth Earth Charter Committee (YECC) to plan and carry out environmental education and volunteer activities.

During February and April, the YECC visited elementary schools in Langley, a Vancouver suburb, to teach children about the Earth Charter. In June, during the city's annual beautification week, "Keep Vancouver Spectacular," the YECC participated in a neighborhood clean-up with community high school students. On May 7, 2005, the committee, together with SGI Vancouver youth leaders, hosted an event at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center entitled "The World is Yours to Change" to kick off the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014). Over 30 youth organizations from the greater Vancouver area and Vancouver Island gathered to promote sustainable living by providing ordinary people with concrete activities they can participate in to build an enduring future both locally and abroad. Some 2,000 local residents attended.

SGI-Canada Youth Earth Charter Committee members in Vancouver