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Back to listMay 15, 2005

SGI-USA Members in Denver, Colorado, USA, Plant 1,000 Cherry Trees in 16 Years

In various scenic spots in Denver, Colorado, USA, cherry trees donated and planted by local SGI-USA members are currently in full bloom. The tradition of planting cherry trees along Cherry Creek and Denver's city parks began in 1989 to commemorate the opening of the SGI-USA Denver Culture Center. This was an unprecedented venture, for at the time it was said that cherry trees would not survive Denver's harsh climate. Denver, a city lying at the foot of the Rocky Mountains offers little rain and severe winters. However, local members have lovingly planted over 1,000 trees. With the members' tenacious care, learned through trial and error, the trees have continued to thrive and flourish. Every year, five kinds of cherry trees, including the celebrated somei-yoshino, bloom magnificently in the city. Every spring Denver citizens celebrate and enjoy the panoramic view of cherry trees in full bloom along Cherry Creek's bank, with the snow-capped Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.

Cherry trees in full bloom line Cherry Creek
Local SGI members plant cherry trees annually