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Back to listApr 3, 2005

Soka Gakkai Farmers in Miyazaki Hold Renaissance Rally

Agriculture Renaissance Rally in Miyazaki

Miyazaki Soka Gakkai members engaged in agriculture held a renaissance rally titled "The Blessings of the Land--Brilliance of Life," on April 2 at the Miyazaki Civic Hall. Some 1,800 farmers attended. Sharing their farming testimonials were: Takashi and Kozue Kuroki, cucumber growers of Ayacho; Machiko Fukuoka of Kawanamicho, challenging to grow strawberries using a minimum of agricultural chemicals; Tetsu Nagayoshi of Ebino City, engaging in raising cows fed on herbs; and Nobuaki Omori of Miyazaki City, successful owner of a large eel shipping business who has gained trust among his peers. The speakers all spoke with a passion for contributing to citizens' healthful diet, in an age when people are calling for safe farming practices that produce safe and healthful foods. A guest remarked that the speakers showed their trailblazing spirit to lead the way in farming innovations. Another said he was impressed with the openness and depth of their talks, that are based on their earnest faith in a life-affirming philosophy.