Sustainable Development

  • Oct 17

    First Showing of Seeds of Hope in Argentina

  • Oct 16

    SGI-Korea Develops Friendship in Community Through Environment Protection Activities

  • Oct 5

    SGI Members Plant Trees in Canada, Venezuela and the Philippines

  • Sep 6

    IOP and SGI Join Symposium on Buddhist Environmentalism at USC

  • Jul 13

    "Seeds of Hope" Exhibition Shown in Venezuela and Chile

  • Jul 5

    SGI-Sweden Organizes Seminar on Nuclear Weapons and the Environment at Almedalen Week

  • Jun 26

    SGI Joins Gathering of Faith-Based Groups on Development Effectiveness

  • Apr 28

    SGM Celebrates Sustainable Development in April

  • Apr 21

    SGI-Philippines Youth Host Earth Day Forum

  • Mar 17

    "Seeds of Hope" Exhibition Shown in Outaouais, Canada

  • Jan 6

    SGM Selangor Participates in Cleanup Campaign