Sustainable Development

  • Dec 18

    "Seeds of Change" Shown in Brighton, UK

  • Nov 28

    SGI Representatives Visit the Amazon Ecological Conservation Center in Manaus, Brazil

  • Nov 27

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Joins "Green Consumers" Campaign

  • Nov 3

    "Seeds of Hope" Exhibition Shown at Earth Charter +10 Conference in India

  • Oct 11

    "21st Century Environment Exhibition" Opens in Japan

  • Oct 10

    SGI-South Africa Members Join 10/10/10 Global Climate Change Work Party

  • Oct 9

    SGI-Italy Sponsors Lecture on Biodiversity

  • Oct 1

    "Seeds of Change" Exhibition Held in Peru

  • Sep 25

    SGI-Canada Youth Plant 325 Trees

  • Sep 19

    1,800 Mangrove Trees Planted in Malaysia

  • Sep 18

    SGI-Australia Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of Earth Charter

  • Aug 23

    "Seeds of Hope" Shown During Singapore 2010 Event

  • Aug 8

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Members Launch Mud Balls for the Environment

  • Jul 27

    Malaysian Students Learn About "Seeds of Hope"

  • Jun 29

    SGI-Netherlands Displays "Seeds Of Hope" at Earth Charter +10 Event in the Netherlands

  • Jun 10

    "Seeds of Change" Exhibition Shown in Dubai

  • Jun 9

    "Seeds of Change" Exhibition Shown in São Paulo, Brazil

  • May 20

    "Seeds of Change" Exhibition Shown in Mexico

  • May 16

    "Seeds of Hope" Exhibition Held in Taiwan

  • May 8

    Chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Speaks at Taiwan Soka Association Center

  • May 2

    "Seeds of Change" Shown in United Arab Emirates, Canada and India

  • Apr 25

    Cherry Tree Planting Held in Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Apr 17

    Earth Day Celebrated in Kansas, USA

  • Mar 20

    Environmentalist Speaks at Institute of Oriental Philosophy Symposium

  • Mar 14

    SGI-USA Members Plant Cherry Trees in Southern California Park

  • Feb 7

    Taiwan Soka Association Members Clean Up Public Park

  • Jan 30

    "Seeds of Change" Displayed in Stoke Newington, UK

  • Jan 16

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Participates in Community Cleanup