Peace and Disarmament

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Dialogue and Education Highlighted at BSGI Peace Seminar

Professor Luiz Antonio FariasProfessor Luiz Antonio Farias, CEU Uirapuru manager, speaking at the event

On December 8, Brazil SGI (BSGI) student members held a peace seminar themed "Peace Begins in the Mind of the Individual" based on principles laid out in SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's 2012 peace proposal, "Human Security and Sustainability: Sharing Reverence for the Dignity of Life." The seminar, held at the Uirapuru Unified Educational Center (CEU) in a suburb of São Paulo, was part of BSGI's student-led Academic Movement for Peace that promotes building a culture of peace through dialogue and education at the grassroots level.

In his opening speech, Professor Luiz Antonio Farias, CEU Uirapuru manager, commented on how dialogue sparked by educational initiatives, such as SGI's exhibition "Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter and Human Potential" that was held at CEU Uirapuru at the beginning of 2012, brings social issues into sharp focus. He also emphasized the power of dialogue to transform communities. These sentiments were reiterated by BSGI representative Paulo Noda, who also spoke at the event.

By opening each segment of the seminar with dramatizations and role-plays portraying the themes of nuclear weapons abolition, sustainability, the dignity of life and the empowerment of women, student actors creatively brought to life the central tenets of Mr. Ikeda's 2012 peace proposal and made them more palpable for the audience.

Pedro Segawa, a BSGI member who participated in the seminar, commented on the role of education and dialogue in building peace: "To dialogue with children is to talk with the future. Passing on knowledge is not enough; offering positive examples of life and self-empowerment are also needed."

[Adapted from an article on the Brazil SGI (BSGI) website; photo courtesy of BSGI]