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"Victory Over Violence" Events In South Africa

VOV events in SowetoIn Soweto

On June 16, youth members of SGI-South Africa held "Victory Over Violence" (VOV) events in Cape Town and Soweto to mark South Africa's Youth Day. June 16 is remembered as the day in 1976 on which police opened fire on unarmed school children in Soweto protesting for their education rights. The massacre mobilized people throughout the country and marked a turning point in the antiapartheid struggle.

VOV exhibitionDistributing information about VOV principles and collecting signatures on the VOV pledge

At an annual outdoor public event in Soweto at the site of the shooting, SGI-SA youth set up exhibition panels on South African heroes of human rights, distributed information about VOV principles and collected signatures on the VOV pledge. This was the third year that SGI-SA youth presented VOV at this annual event at which members of the public and government officials gather to mark the June 16 anniversary.

In Cape Town, the youth held a VOV workshop attended by friends and guests. It included interactive presentations and discussions focused on understanding the causes and effects of violence and the links between language and violence, as well as strategies for overcomming internal and external violence. Participants also entertained each other with poetry and songs.

[Adapted from a report from SGI-South Africa; photos courtesy of SGI-South Africa]