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Singapore Soka Association Holds Fourth Women's Peace Lecture

Ms. Claire ChiangMs. Claire Chiang

"Seeking peace is not about proving who is right or wrong . . . Fundamentally it is about a commitment to work together to find the solution." These were the words of guest speaker Claire Chiang at the fourth Women's Peace Lecture, titled "Women in Dialogue--Engaging for a Peaceful World" held at Singapore Soka Association's (SSA) Headquarters on November 7.

Ms. Chiang was named Singapore's Woman of the Year in 1999 for her contribution to the community and served as a Nominated Member of Parliament from 1997-2001. She is also vice-chair for Asia on the Global Governing Board of Caux Round Table, an international network of ethically minded business leaders.

At Singapore Soka Association's (SSA) HeadquartersAt Singapore Soka Association's (SSA) Headquarters

The lecture was attended by some 600 people. Ms. Chiang emphasized that transformational leadership and personal responsibility are two key drivers in working toward peace. She posited that what distinguishes a good leader is the courage to be different and the ability to step into the unknown. On personal responsibility, she said that each person creates their own reality and that "Peace must be the outcome of everyone taking responsibility and living responsibly." The lecture finished with a question and answer session.

The Women's Peace Lecture series was initiated by the SSA Women Peace Committee and aims to create awareness and understanding of the potential of women as peacebuilders.

[Adapted from an article in the December 2, 2011, issue of SSA Times, Sinagapore Soka Association (SSA); photos courtesy of SSA]