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SGI's People's Decade Website Given New Design and Expanded


The People's Decade for Nuclear Abolition campaign website has been renewed recently. The campaign, launched by SGI in 2007, aims to build a global solidarity within civil society working for abolition of nuclear weapons.

The purpose of this renewal is to facilitate ease of access, learning and participation. Some of the new features include an expanded "Nuclear Facts" section providing key facts about nuclear weapons and the efforts made by the international community to prevent nuclear disasters. In the "Resource Center" one can view testimonies by the survivors of atomic bombs as well as video clips introducing basic information about the Nuclear Weapons Convention and SGI's activities.


PDiste(get_involved).jpg"Get Involved" section

SGI's Program Director for Peace Affairs, Kimiaki Kawai, observed, "One of the points that we would like to stress through this website, is that we need to have a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC) which totally bans nuclear arsenals." He further stated, "It is quite strange that we don't have such a treaty even now although we already have treaties prohibiting biological and chemical weapons that are also categorized as weapons of mass destruction. The idea of an NWC has been drawing more attention in international society, and SGI has been strongly promoting an NWC."

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[Adapted from a report from the SGI Office of Public Information]