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Ikeda Center Hosts Book Launch for Into Full Flower



On March 6, 2010, the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, hosted a book launch for the newly published dialogue between Elise Boulding and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda, titled Into Full Flower: Making Peace Cultures Happen.

More than 80 attended the event which celebrated the longstanding examples set by the lives of the book's coauthors, Dr. Boulding and Mr. Ikeda, both of whom have demonstrated that the surest way to create a culture of peace is to create the conditions for such a culture in one's own life.

Considered "the matriarch" of the 20th-century peace research movement, Dr. Boulding has authored seminal books exploring what she has termed "the hidden side of history," chronicling the contributions to peacemaking by women and others who are often ignored in history books.

A friend of the Ikeda Center, Dr. Boulding was awarded its first Global Citizen Award in 1995 and also co-organized the Center's "Cultures of Peace" series in 1999. She is the second woman to publish an English-language dialogue with Mr. Ikeda, the other being Hazel Henderson (Planetary Citizenship, 2004).

100306x_usa_ikeda_center_russell_boulding.jpg Russell Boulding, Dr. Boulding's eldest son

Russell Boulding, Dr. Boulding's eldest son, spoke on the commonalities shared by Dr. Boulding and Mr. Ikeda, saying, "Both are spiritually grounded visionaries and bridge-builders. Both have a commitment to peacemaking at an international level that is grounded in recognition of the importance of education and the empowerment of women and children."

Dr. Boulding was unable to attend the event due to declining health. For this reason, the Ikeda Center will hold a celebration of Into Full Flower later this spring at the nursing facility where she now resides.

Richard Yoshimachi, Ikeda Center president and executive director, shared an unpublished poem that Mr. Ikeda wrote to Dr. Boulding in 1999. The concluding stanza held special resonance for the day:


With a beautiful symphony echoing around us —



the tones of life resounding with life —



let us work together to bring



the human spirit to its fullest bloom.



[Adapted from a report from the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue; photos courtesy of Marilyn Humphries]