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SGI-USA Hosts "Daniel Pearl World Music Days" Concert

On October 26, 2008, at its World Culture Center in Santa Monica, California, USA, SGI-USA hosted one of more than 1,000 "Daniel Pearl World Music Days" events that occurred in 60-plus countries throughout the world, aimed at transcending cultural differences and building international friendship.

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The concerts, which take place each October, honor the life of Mr. Pearl, an American journalist who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan by terrorists in February 2002. According to the Daniel Pearl World Music Days website, after Danny's funeral in August 2002, in the spirit of his love for music, his family decided to inspire hope and unity by inviting people everywhere to dedicate a musical event on the day he would have turned 39 years old--October 10, 2002. Thus, the seeds were planted for this annual music event, reminding the world of the principles by which Danny lived, the universal power of music and our shared humanity.

The Santa Monica event featured a performance by the American Victory Orchestra titled "Hot Classical to Cool Jazz." Cosponsored by the International Committee of Artists for Peace, the program included classical music, jazz and dance.

Mr. Pearl's father, Judea Pearl, present at the event in Santa Monica, said the concerts promote tolerance and understanding in sharp contrast to the "forces of hatred" that took his son's life. Dr. Pearl expressed his belief that the movement that includes the world music days honoring his son as well as humanism will prevail against such antagonism.

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After attending the Santa Monica concert, journalist Colleen O'Callaghan-Miele commented, "The concert was beautiful and the purpose for the performance was educational, captivating and soul searching.... Daniel Pearl should be a reminder that this world is not void of terrorists and extremists who hold no value for the life of other human beings."

Also on October 26, in Houston, Texas, SGI-USA Houston Arts Department members performed in a Daniel Pearl World Music Days concert held at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. SGI-USA member Liviya Compean spearheaded the event, which also featured Houston Symphony flutist Aralee Doroug.

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[Adapted from articles in the November 7, 2008 and December 5, 2008 issues of the World Tribune, SGI-USA, and a report by Colleen O'Callaghan-Miele]