Peace and Disarmament

Back to listNov 20, 2007

Soka Gakkai Student Division Hosts Talk on Nuclear Abolition and the Role of Youth

The Soka Gakkai student division hosted a lecture titled "The Challenge of Nuclear Abolition--the Role of Youth" by New Zealand peace activist Alyn Ware at the Toda International Center in Shinanomachi, Tokyo, on November 20, 2007. Mr. Ware is consultant for the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy (U.S.A.), outreach educator for the Aotearoa-New Zealand Foundation for Peace Studies and global coordinator of the Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament.

Around 100 students from universities in and around Tokyo attended the lecture, the eighth in a series on peace issues. Mr. Ware focused on the nature of the nuclear threat, the role of youth in speaking out against these inhumane weapons and positive signs that global public opinion is shifting in favor of nuclear abolition. He also paid tribute to SGI's efforts in public education on this issue.

He gave concrete examples of peaceful ways of resolving conflict, including a game which taught the participants the power of cooperation, and stressed the vital role of education. He mentioned that all schools in New Zealand have peace and disarmament issues as part of the formal curriculum, as well as a Schools Peace Week every year from August 6 to 12.

After the lecture Mr. Ware joined a lively informal discussion with student representatives, covering issues related to human security, promoting dialogue and developing wisdom.

[Adapted from an article in the November 22, 2007 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]