Peace and Disarmament

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Hiroshima Soka Gakkai Remembers Atomic Bomb Victims and War Dead on 61st Anniversary of the Dropping of the A-Bomb

Soka Gakkai Hiroshima holds memorial to pay tribute to all victims of war

On August 6, Soka Gakkai members in Hiroshima participated in a memorial service at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hall in solemn remembrance of victims of the first atomic bombing in humankind's history on their city 61 years ago. Among the participants were A-bomb victims, their families and descendants, and youth representatives. They also prayed for the repose of other war victims throughout the world. .

Etsuko Kanemitsu was a 14-year-old student at a young women's high school when the atomic bomb was dropped 1.5 kilometers from the school's courtyard where she stood. Thinking she heard an airplane, she looked up just in time to see a brilliant flash that stained the whole world yellow for an instant. All around her she saw flattened houses and people running and screaming for their kin, some with arms hanging loose from their sockets. Ms. Kanemitsu lost her elder sister; she escaped death but suffered burns all over her body. She joined Soka Gakkai in 1965 and today shares her war experiences as a legacy for future generations. She appealed to the youth to appreciate the preciousness of peace, to never forget how fortunate they are to live at peace in Japan, and to never forget the countless victims who sacrificed their lives during the war. The young people who heard her experience strengthened their resolve to work for a peaceful world and for the abolition of nuclear weapons.