Peace and Disarmament

Back to listJul 30, 2006

Soka Gakkai Women in Chubu and Ishikawa Regions Sponsor Peace Forums

The exhibition in Nagoya conveys the tragedy of war through mementos, including photographs, incendiary bomb casings and daily survival goods used by citizens during the war

On July 29, Soka Gakkai women in Nagoya City held a peace forum titled "Conveying the Heart of Peace" at the Chubu Ikeda Hall in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Chieko Yonezawa shared her experience as an atomic bomb victim and the importance of cherishing peace. Hiromi Endo and her mother, Yayoi, shared how Hiromi overcame bullying at school. Elementary schoolchildren read a peace declaration and appealed for the importance of fostering friendship.

On the same day, the Ishikawa Women's Peace Committee sponsored a Peace and Culture Forum at the Ishikawa Culture Center. Toshiko Inoue shared her experience of learning to appreciate and understand what patients go through, as she nursed her own sick father to health. This was followed by personal accounts from a war victim, a woman who opened her home as a "library" for neighborhood children, and a mother of a disabled child who created a volunteer network with other parents. Kazuko Ishino, president of the Diverse Women's Groups Communication Network in Ishikawa Prefecture, said she was moved by the experiences of women who used their personal difficulties as a springboard for growth and encouraging others with similar problems.