Peace and Disarmament

Back to listJul 7, 2006

Hiroshima Youth Sponsor Lecture on "The Path to Abolition of Nuclear Weapons"

Chair Tadaomi Saito of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation speaks at youth-sponsored lecture in Hiroshima

On July 6, Soka Gakkai youth in Hiroshima sponsored a lecture titled "Hiroshima Speaks--The Path to Abolition of Nuclear Weapons," by Tadaomi Saito, chair of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation. Mr. Saito stressed that when talking about nuclear weapons, the focus should be on the human toll and suffering they cause and not merely the weapons' destructive power. He said it is important to continue heightening awareness about the tragic affects of nuclear weapons on human life. The first step toward their abolition is initiating dialogues among people that can lead to creating bonds of trust. Mr. Saito called for strengthening the worldview of a humanity united in solidarity and expressed hopes for Hiroshima's youth to shoulder this responsibility.