Peace and Disarmament

Back to listSep 24, 2005

Dr. N. Radhakrishnan Lectures on Significance of SGI President's Peace Proposals

Dr. Radhakrishnan speaks to an audience of some 300 in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

On September 23, the Institute of Oriental Philosophy sponsored a lecture by Dr. N. Radhakrishnan, director of the G. Ramachandran Institute of Nonviolence in India on "Significance of SGI President's Peace Proposals to Contemporary Society" at the Nihon Seinenkan in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Dr. Radhakrishnan, an internationally renowned Gandhian scholar and pacifist, is a former director of the Gandhi Memorial Institute in New Delhi, India. Referring to the tradition of dialogue begun by Socrates, Dr. Radhakrishnan said he calls Mr. Ikeda a modern day Gandhi and a great peace activist who advances civilizational dialogue because of his deep passion for peace. He remarked that what characterized Mr. Ikeda's "dialogues"--the art of conversation, exchange of ideas and human communication--are their philosophical depth infused with respect for diversity and difference of opinions, rooted in humanism. Dr. Radhakrishnan marveled at Mr. Ikeda's profound insights into people giving him the ability to nurture, inspire and positively influence others. He concluded his speech saying a true religion enables people to cultivate genuine humanness and a renaissance of human spirituality, as reflected by the SGI movement.