Peace and Disarmament

Back to listAug 10, 2005

Nagasaki Soka Gakkai Pays Solemn Tribute to Atomic Bomb Victims and War Dead on 60th Anniversary of the Dropping of the A-Bomb

On August 9, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the second atomic bomb, Nagasaki Soka Gakkai held a special memorial service in solemn tribute to victims of the atomic bomb and all wars throughout the world, at the Soka Gakkai Nagasaki Peace Center in Nagasaki City.

Atomic bomb victim Toyomi Hashimoto, 81, shared her testimonial. Ms. Hashimoto was 1.2 km from the bomb's epicenter when it hit. Fortunately, she and her son were pulled from the rubble of the collapsed house and barely escaped death. She later joined Soka Gakkai and recognized her mission to pass down her personal war testimonials to future generations. In 1982, Ms. Hashimoto participated in the United Nation's second special session on disarmament, representing Soka Gakkai. Asked whether she has a grudge against the U.S., Ms. Hashimoto answers: At first, I was filled with hatred for having lost my family to war. However, once I realized I didn't wish anyone in the world to have to suffer from such a bitter experience as I had from war and the atomic bomb, I was able to overcome hatred. The young people who heard her story were moved and pledged to succeed the anti-war legacy to pass on to future generations.