Peace and Disarmament

Back to listJul 25, 2005

Hokkaido Soka Gakkai Women and Youth Host Peace Forums

On July 24 in Muroran, Hokkaido, the local Soka Gakkai Women's Peace Committee sponsored a forum titled, "A Culture of Peace Forum for Mothers and Children" at the Muroran Culture Center. Shizuko Saito, 75, is a survivor of the simultaneous bombardment by multiple U.S. battleships on Muroran, Japan's steel industry center, in July 1945, in the final strikes on Japan toward the end of World War II. She continues to speak out on the horrors of war and expand a network of hope and friendship. Mieko Kishi's roots as a peace activist go back to the atomic bombing and the extreme poverty her family suffered in the bomb's aftermath. Yuka Seki, a second year high school student, was victorious in her "battle" against bullying. Today, she makes the world her stage in her peace efforts. Nobuko Nagumo vowed to further contribute to cultural exchanges, after experiencing the warmth of people beyond national borders. Mariko Hashimoto of the Muroran Board of Education, responsible for promoting gender equality, said she was moved by the precious peace experiences that were shared. Ms. Hashimoto urged that it was everyone's responsibility to strengthen public awareness of peace issues.

The Kagawa Prefecture Women's Peace Committee sponsored two culture of peace forum sessions titled, "Aiming for a Society of Mothers' and Children's Shining Smiles," at the Shikoku Ikeda Culture Center in Takamatsu City. In the evening session, Sumiko Tada and Kiyoko Manabe talked about cherishing peace, through personal war testimonies. Saori Fujiwara, Chiyo Tanaka, Masako Sugi and Kiyoko Nishikawa shared their peace efforts in schools and in their local communities. In the afternoon session, Professor Kinoe Mabuchi of Takamatsu University said she was deeply moved by the courageous efforts of the women who overcame extreme circumstances with strong determination. Human Science Institute President Hiroko Ikeda encouraged those present to bring to full play women's sensibilities and sensitivities and contribute to society.

The Tohoku Youth Peace Conference sponsored a lecture titled "Origins of People's Exchanges Between Japan and China: Lu Xun and Sendai," by Tohoku University Professor Yoshihiko Tsukuda.