Peace and Disarmament

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Toda Institute to Sponsor International Conference in Madrid, Spain, in May 2005; New Book and Journal Published

Toda Institute founder Daisaku Ikeda (left) meets with Dr. Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner (right) (February 1996, Tokyo)

On May 25-27, the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research will sponsor an international conference in Madrid, Spain, in collaboration with the Iberian-American Foundation. Some 65 scholars from 29 countries will gather to discuss "Creating A Global Civilization of Dialogue and Peace (tentative translation)." Dr. Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner, honorary president of the Club of Rome, will deliver the keynote speech. Participants will discuss understanding and resolving interfaith issues; challenges of peace journalism; role of arts for peace; and regional conflicts and the United Nations' mission.

The Toda Institute has undertaken research projects on human security and global governance (HUGG project,1996-2000) and problems of globalization, regionalization and democratization (GRAD project, 2001-2004). Twelve books have so far emerged from these projects. On the basis of study results, Toda Institute initiated the PEACE project, beginning 2005, focusing on [P]eace [E]ducation, [A]rts, [C]ulture, and [E]nvironment. The new project, consisting of seven topics, is a comprehensive study for resolving regional conflicts and building a system of global peace, based on human dignity. Toda Institute Director Majid Tehranian underscored the difficulty of resolving today's world issues if we are restricted to ideas within a framework of the state. He hoped the upcoming conference will become an opportunity to explore the creation of a global civilization for coexistence, from a transnational perspective.

Democratizing Global Media and Peace and Policy, Volume 9

Rowman and Littlefield Publisher recently published Democratizing Global Media, the 13th publication of the Toda Institute's book series. This is the outcome of the Toda Institute's three-year research on establishing democratic media in a globalizing world. Toda Institute's regular journal, Peace and Policy Vol. 9, focusing on "America and the World: the Double Bind," was also recently published by Transaction Publishers.