Peace and Disarmament

Back to listApr 1, 2005

Soka Women Throughout the World Take Action for Peace in Society

SGI-Brazil Young Mrs. Group members

Brazil: On March 13, the Rio di Janeiro "Young Mrs." Group met at the SGI-Brazil Culture Center in São Paulo. Rosa Maria Marquez, group in charge, shared her resolve. A women's division leader encouraged the participants to unite with the spirit of "many in body, one in mind" and together challenge to transform difficulties into a source of growth and benefit for all.

Peru: On March 12, SGI-Peru young women hosted "An Evening of Music--A Symphony of Our Victorious Youth" at the Monte Carlo Theater in Lima. The event commemorated March 15, "Day of Peru," and March 16, a day when SGI youth refresh their determination to take action for peace. A total of 1,100 performers and participants took part, including 500 friends. Dynamic performances by dynamic drum group, a folk instrument band, variety of dance groups, Folklore (folk music and dance) and a young women's band had the audience clapping and swaying in approval. Guest Armando Sánchez Málaga, director of the National Symphony of Peru, said he was extremely moved by the young people's earnest enthusiasm to "accomplish something in life."

Attendees at "An Evening of Music," in Peru
Young women's band play a powerful rendition
"Women Inspiring Women for Peace" workshops

Australia: On March 8, commemorating International Women's Day, SGI-Australia (SGIA) women of all ages in Victoria State gathered at the Melbourne center for "Women Inspiring Women for Peace." Organized by the SGIA Victoria Women's Peace Committee, the event called on women to actively work together in their respective communities. Following a welcome by Suan Ooi, Yarra Yarra Region women's division leader, and Shirly Chong, Victoria State young women's division leader, representatives recited poetry and sang songs. Participants broke into groups to discover "the special gifts women bring to peace" and "how women can concretely contribute to the community."

On March 19 and 20, Victoria State women participated in a training session in Marysville, a Melbourne suburb. Besides studying SGI President Ikeda's lecture on Nichiren's writing, "Opening of the Eyes," "World of Nichiren Daishonin's Writings," the group held sessions on "Leadership" and "Heart of Appreciation." Following experiences of practicing Buddhism and a report on the recent SGI training session in Tokyo, Japan, SGI-Australia Women's Division Secretariat Elizabeth Bowen gave final words.